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FirstBit — Fictional account of a lottery to identify the human face of Bitcoins, Blockchains, and an emoney that we can trust! ($5.50 / $1 ebook)

SILVER DRESS — a dramatic, some say murderous, screenplay about what happens when gender itself becomes a powerful weapon of hurt and self-affirmation. ($5.49 / $1.99 ebook)

TechYEAH — PRE-ORDER my collection of short stories that offer a range of life experiences about coming to terms with techNO becoming a techYES experience! (Price not set yet. Email Allan) 


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We all have what passes as a love-hate relationship with technology. As often as not, the rather negative and frustrating aspects of trying to get the hardware and software to do as promised have driven most of us (over and over again) to scream a proverbial NOOOOOOO!!! whenever tech something or other was in reach.  This is what has provided us with a nearly universal acceptance that the NO part of techNO is really rather built into the concept. With progress comes the necessity of systems we can’t get to work and processes that fall short of their potentials.

Or at least that used to be the case. I’ve come to the realization that this is no longer so true. In fact, I’m pretty confident that as a whole our culture is going through a transformative moment. To differing degrees and under wildly different circumstances, one by one we’re coming to the realization that techNO is here to stay and that, with some reluctance, there are actually positive aspects to this evolution. So much so in reality that the chances are as great as not that you’ve even likely had a eureka episode or two where your overall cyber pessimism has let go. Some kind of HECK YES experience has occurred and you’ve come to accept that techNO is really more like a TechYEAH … I can live with this.

The stories that I write are designed to capture various aspects of this transformation as they occur. While my tales will mostly be those of made up characters with designed circumstances — which is what fiction is more or less about — the expectation is that those folks will be living lives that you and I can relate to; lives whose evolution in good ways and bad is plugged in with a techNO acceptance that I call TechYEAH.

This all being said, twists are still to be had. Of five major books and collections, most have been in the works for some time. And nearly all of them came about without regard to this grand controlling vision. I didn’t SEE this eureka moment about techNO shifting until I’d drafted out enough pieces to bring that screen into focus. Which is why of the two books I have out now (both in beta format, hoping for constructive input), only one has anything to do with modern connectivity issues. FirstBit is (or will) be pretty intense in regards to cyber immersion, while Silver Dress (our first screenplay) has nothing to do with computerization … though it is very much about global interactivity of some intensity.

This page is basically just a placeholder to give you the chance to buy a book (or two) early on.