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One of the most critical aspects of technology — the internet — started as a rather unsavory method of secretive connectivity between cyber technicians. The men (mostly men, anyway) who created the infrastructure for the military used its capabilities to basically share pornographic materials and to connect with often unsavory souls during lonely hours. To this day, to some degree, most of us still think of the online elements in this way or as ways that bad folks seek to hurt or exploit our interactive and communication weaknesses. Which is why there is a powerful connection between the term technology and the negative implications of what we often say as being techNO — NO, these things are rather bad.

As these systems get better and more widespread as the internet of all things, this pessimistic attitude is changing. More and more of us are saying in various ways that HECK YES this techNO stuff is pretty dang TechYEAH! We like what it has to offer … up to and including using awesome software and hardware options to help us build better, more honest, and strong relationships with others. TechYEAH has the ability to provide the ways and means for us to enjoy better caring and committed — even intimate — bonds with people, even those who are some distance away.

TechYEAH is a collection of short stories designed to demonstrate how the techNO of the past can more readily be replaced with the excitement of HECK YES … TechYEAH is so much cooler. 

TechYEAH 2017 is a beta demonstration of the concept of redefining interactive technology for the better. Most of the tales involve new ways (a byte at a time!) to see the potential for something better. I hope you enjoy the experience.

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Thanks either way — Allan