Aug 29 2016

Completed the initiation period for a new contracting service that assigns work (ghosting) for freelancers. Then, my father’s health took a turn for … well … not for the better. Having to fly off to Florida. Best outcome, I guess, is a chance to reacquaint with the feel of that region, which is the centerpiece for one of my novels (St. Augustine episode of My Husband, My Roommate). More about the writing opportunity soon.

Aug 2 2016

BC Evancing SQUAREI’ve been distracted by the desire to find a regular writing position again for a quality nonprofit to go along with the novels and such. In the meantime, I want to begin the dialogue for creating what I call a BlockChain Society … a sense of culture and community made all the more empowering by what a node-based, decentralized, chain of blocked information has to offer. For those of you with some familiarity, this is what is used to develop monetary components for cybercurrency, such as bitcoin. However, the real values lie deeper. I feel someone needs to be a strong and vocal advocate for the belief that there is more than money in whatever happens with Digital Society 2.0!

You can take a look at my work here via MyImpactView.


Work-a-Day: July 1 2016

Getting there. Finished my drafts of Speeches written for both Bernies Sanders and President O, adding to Hillary’s Speechified pride. I’m hoping folks click to that page to see what this concept is all about. I do hope for some comments and editorial suggestions. Soon, I’ll have to start locking out the drafts to see if I can get another site to buy into buying my work. Also … there is now an Open Letter page for those who like those things. Take a look that way. Still more to catch up on, but trying ….

Work-a-day: June 20 2016

Time to speechify! I added one more page to share ideas I have about telling stories — the stories of those who speak for a living or to fire up change. It seems they need some help. Take a look over to my new focus point to see what Hillary has to say … or would if she could speech the truth: Women Are Better Than Men!


Work-a-day: June 9 2016

Getting started. While I have a large collection of works on my resume page — to use when I beg for work — I also want to showcase the other items I write. Sometimes these are works in progress and ready (to the extent that anything is truly ready; more editing is always a possibility!), other times they are ideas that are trying to find their oneness with sense or sensibility. You are welcome to look at them and, PLEASE, to offer feedback.

Within the Full Collection page are subpages. Publishers of paid work often want virgin submissions, meaning articles/pieces that have never been published before — including not published on sites like this. So when you get there, click on a page within the page and you could be asked for a password. It’s no big deal: ask and ye shall receive. Just hit me up and I’ll forward the PW of the day.

If you do come upon this resource, enjoy. And accept that I am happy to review your thoughts and ideas. I have a theme or two that underlies my writing, most of which comes from my professional career as an accidental advocate and writer for change. The About page tells you more about this, and from time to time I’ll post about a topic or focus of interest on this blog site. If you are looking for writing advice, I freely offer some of that too, but most of what I say is about Ugly Writing — meaning the not so pretty aspects of writing for bucks. At this point, you’ve pretty much stumbled on that resource here as well — The Ugly Writing Blog.